My SeneGence Why

Last week I wrote and read out, live on my personal page on Facebook, my SeneGence Why. There were tears from me. There were tears from those who watched it. It seems that I struck a chord in my viewers and my fellow SeneSisters.

Why do I sell SeneGence products? To make an income for myself? Sure, but that’s not a why; that’s a goal.

The “why” is a feeling, it’s emotion. What does that mean? It’s what drives you, motivates you to your goal.

Why indeed. Well, as the founder and CEO of SeneGence, Joni Rogers-Kante says, it started with one.

I tried one LipSense colour and I was in awe. It didn’t move, it didn’t smudge. It stayed where I put it. I wanted to try another colour, and another, and another.

I was hooked.

Now, my good friend Clare, who was my dealer, I mean, distributor tried to get me to sign up. I was already working another direct sales business, doing modestly, but turned her down, saying I’d rather be her customer.

I ordered more colours.

She tried to get me to sign up again and I said no. Months passed and I probably turned her down a couple more times.

Then I had a Facebook party for her in October 2017 and it was great fun! She asked me again to join her team.

This time I said yes. And so my party turned into a launch party for me!

I’m in. I’ve signed up. Now what? I knew what I had to do if I was going to work this as a business, not a personal shopper; start building my testers and personal products to try out now that I was getting an awesome discount. So I did. And I haven’t stopped. I’m trying everything I can to share with all my customers to give them my reviews and recommendations.

For some reason, I’ve somehow always been someone that people come to for recommendations for various products, maybe because I’m totally honest about it? I research the crap out of everything? Overanalyse and justify every purchase? Probably.

Now, as to WHY I do this. I’ve always loved make up. My older sisters can attest to that hehe. Yes, covering up what I sometimes see as flaws on me, accentuating the best parts of me (hello, have you seen my cheekbones?!).

I could’ve happily stayed a customer but this is something more. It’s more than exceptional make up and skincare. Yes, I can see the changes it’s made to my skin and on others.

But it’s changed something else in me.

Isn’t this just a cosmetics company? No, it’s more than that.

I’ve been opened up to a world I didn’t know existed; a sisterhood. Filled with support for one another, leadership I’ve never known before. Opportunity for my own personal growth and how to go about it. My confidence, my self esteem, my self worth have been boosted.  I feel like I’m a better person, a better wife, a better mother.

Like many millions of people in Australia, I suffer from a mental illness (in my case two). I’ve had this all my life and am grateful to have incredible support and treatment that works, especially in the past two years. Why am I telling you this? Because my growing daughters have seen me at my worst and are now seeing me at my best and it’s telling. They want to be like mummy now. We sing, we dance, we play make up and we are happy.

Working on myself, working on my business, I feel empowered! I want to share these products, share the opportunity, share my story that it gets better. To help other women feel empowered and supported and connected. We need to feel we are a part of something because it’s human to feel that, to want that.

I’ve never been career driven but I have set myself some goals, real goals, achievable goals, and I going to meet them. I have a small team of two but I know it’ll grow if I work for it. Actions equal outcomes in all aspects of life. This is no exception.

I have learned so much in the 7 months I’ve been doing this, met some inspirational women from Australia, the USA and Canada. I’ve learned so much about taking great selfies (not that I needed much help there ;P), about make up application, about our skincare, how to be a leader, be a better person. To live my best life. To be able to raise two strong, confident, resilient girls. That’s why.

So, in saying all that, if this has resonated with you or if you know someone who would benefit from an opportunity like this, please share my story, and if they’d like to chat to me, or if you want to chat, I’m always around.

And if you just want to try our amazing products, by all means get in contact with me and we can set up a date to have a play, because who doesn’t love playing make up?!


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