3-in-1 Cleanser

Cleansing is a ritual. You need to cleanse your face twice a day, moisturise it and protect it.

It’s the foundation to a flawless base.

skincare systems

Science! Water and oil to not mix, and oil based impurities (well, all of them), don’t dissolve in water alone. Therefore you need a cleanser without the use of harsh detergents and strippers is a must to makes impurities soluble enough to be washed away. SeneGence 3-in-1 Cleansers contain a molecule that has, on one end, an oil molecule to attract and bind to the oil base impurities. The other end of the same molecule has a liquid molecule to mix and bind to water. Once applied, the molecule binds to impurities with one end and water lifts and washes away the entire cleansing molecule removing the oil-based impurities that attached to the one end of the molecule.

Our three luxurious, unique formulations contain the finest ingredients nature and technology have to offer for dry, normal to dry, and normal to oily skin types. Enriched with plant extracts and vitamins, our 3-in-1 cleansers are designed to clean, tone, and exfoliate in one easy step! Blended without the use of harsh detergents, but containing the necessary mixtures, exfoliants, and toners, the SeneDerm 3-in-1 cleanser formulations effectively remove oil where needed without discolouring the skin. The SeneDerm cleanser formulations add moisture to dry skin or maintain the moisture content as appropriate, restoring the skin’s proper pH balance for normal to dry skin, and exfoliates dead skin for normal to oily skin, while preparing the skin for the next step.

Dry key ingredients are:

  • SPONGE-LIKE PILLOWS Exfoliate skin
  • ALGAE EXTRACT Hydrates and softens skin
  • HUMECTANTS Bind moisture to the skin

Normal to Dry key ingredients are:

  • ALOE LEAF JUICE Calms and soothes skin
  • AVOCADO OIL Very rich moisturiser
  • LAVENDER OIL Soothes and protects

Normal to Oily key ingredients are:

  • VANUATU VOLCANIC ASH Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • ORCHID FLOWER EXTRACT Antioxidant and moisturiser

All three cleansers contain the SenePlex Complex, making it unique on the market as an anti-aging cleanser.

Just think what using all our products with the SenePlex Complex will do for your skin!

Next up, I’ll delve into our Daytime Moisturizer to complete the basic daily routine.

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