Corrective Colour Concealers

“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know”

Elsa was right! This lightweight, hydrating concealer hides it all and none will be the wiser. Ha!

Our Corrective Colour Concealers with SenePlex are the perfect answer to any skin imperfection. They can be used to tone down flushed skin, to disguise broken capillaries, to mask changes in pigmentation and to minimize deep shadows and/or bruising.

concealer uses

I swear by the green concealer to cover up my red spots aka pimples (I’m nearly 38 and I still get pimples!) and red scarring. This is great for rosacea suffers to wear under their foundation and over their skin treatment (Climate Control).

The white concealer is great for blending with other products to lighten them, for example, with the light concealer to create a mixture to highlight with under your eyes.

Light, medium and deep concealers are highly concentrated, as are the green and white concealers, and can be used to highlight, conceal, or contour depending on your skin tone.

highlight and conceal

The image above gives you an idea, based on your face shape, where to highlight and contour.

Apply concealer with your fingers or with a flat concealer brush and let it sit and warm up to your skin’s temperature for a minute then blend. If you have a beauty blender or a flat kabuki brush, stipple, stipple, stipple it on.

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