LashSense and UnderSense

I love long, luxurious lashes just like the next woman. I love wearing mascara. Though I found the big brands I was using would end up transferring to the top of my eyelids and smear underneath, even if they were waterproof. Hello panda eyes! Not a good look, right?

Enter the game changer; LashSense and UnderSense.


I was skeptical because of my past issues with mascara transferring but I was so happy with all the other products I had used so why not try it.

I hadn’t used a lash builder like UnderSense before and I had read not to let it dry for too long before applying the LashSense. So, I applied the LashSense and it went on like a dream, so smooth to apply. I put on two coats, top and bottom lashes and let it dry. It made my lashes look amazing.

Okay, so now the test; would it transfer to my eyelids?

By day’s end, it had stayed put. I was astonished to say the least. Wow. Just wow. I gave it the waterproof test under the shower and it didn’t move. Not one bit. I was sold.

It will not smear, smudge or rub off and is very water proof.

Science! LashSense is not made of paraffin waxes like other waterproof mascaras and will not dry out lashes. A blend of nature and technology, LashSense contains a mixture of natural botanical and scientific ingredients to help moisturize, lengthen, and thicken your eye lashes. The long-lasting colour technology will keep your LashSense on all day, while the botanical ingredients benefit lashes that are generally dry and damaged.

As for UnderSense, it moisturizes, lengthens and builds your lashes to help you create the fullest and longest lashes you’ve ever had.

undersense quad

Science! Generally, as we age, eyelashes begin to thin. In younger years, lost lashes tend to easily re-grow but not so much as we mature. Therefore it is essential to keep lashes moist and in good shape. Moisturizing lashes on a daily basis helps keep lashes healthier and longer. UnderSense binds lashes with moisture and helps protect lashes from external elements.

You can use LashSense on it’s own if you prefer, but I would highly recommend using it with the UnderSense for the ultimate duo in lash awesomeness. 


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