The Eyes Have It

It’s something that at a certain point you need to start thinking about. It’s the eyes.

The thinnest skin on your face as it’s not tethered to your face’s underlying structure.

So from pulling and tugging your skin when applying make up or cleansing to the most minute of movements, blinking, it’s very easy for the skin to stretch and cause small wrinkles.

Elastin and collagen begin to deplete and the appearance of the skin starts a deterioration process as we age.

Enter SeneDerm EyeCrème.


Not only does it contain our SenePlex Complex but also natural oils that varying molecular weights for maximum penetration of the skin (oooh science! but we’ll get to that in a moment). The eye crème melts at skin temperature by forming a silk-like coating that reduces drag when applying additional eye makeup, such as shadows, and it fills in fine lines and wrinkles to eliminate shadowing in the lines and wrinkles, making the skin area appear smoother.

SCIENCE! If you look at a cross section of skin you see the top layer and several other layers until you get to the bottom where cells are manufactured. These cells slowly move up to the top. It takes 20 to 28 days for cells to grow from bottom to top, making the top layers move at a faster rate where there is a sheering type action occurring.

So with the SeneDerm EyeCrème, what we want to achieve is increased lubrication (huh? I’m getting to it). Each one of these layers of your skin needs needs to be lubricated, like a well oiled machine, to move without friction. In order to deliver a lubricant to all the layers, the lubricant’s molecules must be different sizes to travel down to the lower layers; its sizes have to be relatively small. The crème has different types of lubricants and of molecular sizes, to reach the different layers. The EyeCrème is not just for smoothness; it’s to improve the condition of skin around the eye because that’s where skin first becomes wrinkled due to the constant movement.

TL;DR From the Beauty Book: “A rich blend of oils and vitamins that protect while working to diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This nourishing formula melts and emulsifies at skin temperature and creates a silk-like coating that reduces drag while applying cosmetics.”

Some key ingredients:

  • SenePlex Complex: Kinetic Enzyme that increases cellular renewal.
  • Soybean Oil: Improves skin hydration and smoothness.
  • Kukui Seed Oil: Soothes skin.
  • Vitamin A: Helps increase elasticity.

To use: Apply after using your Evening Moisturizer.

SeneDerm EyeLuminator

The EyeLuminator is perfection! It is the perfect solution to brighten and highlight eyes while moisturizing the delicate area around your eyes during the day, as I have written above. It’s the perfect blend of the EyeCrème and Pearlizer. 

eyecreme + pearlizer

Use in the morning after moisturizing with your DayTime moisturizer or Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer.

There you have it! I will be adding these to my skincare regimen soon, cause mama needs it! Add them to yours today, too.

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