…And yass! There was light!

I got my ring light two days ago and I couldn’t be happier! ALL the selfies!

Ordered it on Amazon and got it within a week of purchasing. I’m pretty freaking impressed by that, considering I thought I wasn’t getting it till the first week of July.

It was very quick and easy to set up the Neewer 14” ring light.


The tripod it comes with is incredibly sturdy. It can extend up to 190cms

At it’s lowest height, it’s not low enough for my table top purposes, so I’ve ordered the table top stand for when I’m presenting live videos or doing recordings.


Now, the light itself is dimmable so you have full control of the brightness from the 180 LEDs. I’m happy with the light temperature of 5500K (for us light nerds).

It comes with a hot shoe adapter for your DSLR or you can attach your phone adapter to it for shooting in landscape.

You also get the white and orange filters, a carry bag for the light.

I haven’t tried the orange filters yet, I’m quite happy with the white thus far.

So, if you’re in the market for a beginners ring light, this is the one to go with.

I was in no way sponsored by Neewer to write this, however if they’d like to sponsor me, I wouldn’t say no. Just saying.

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