“This ain’t your momma’s shampoo”

Greetings! Apologies for the time between posts. I’ve been flat out trying new products, knitting like a fiend, and of course, #mumlife.

In two weeks, I’ve knit up 3 cardigans and now working on a pair of socks. It’s a sickness. Beats doing drugs though!

But I digress.

There have been 4 new product releases in the past few weeks as well as a fresh, new Beauty Book.

One of the biggest releases has to be the technological breakthrough that is the HairCovery hair care system.

You’ve been looking after your skin, now it’s time to look after your hair.


The  HairCovery trio is:

  • Thickening and Volumizing Shampoo
  • Moisturizing and Shine Enhancing Conditioner
  • Strengthening and Thickening Hair Serum.

My hair, though short, is my crowning glory. I have obsessed over my hair for as long as I can remember.

I was lucky enough to score a sample of the products and tried it myself. Even though I have ridiculously thick and frizzy hair, I found it didn’t overload my hair at all.

Each product is lightweight and you only have to use a small amount of each, depending on your hair length. I used a 10 cent piece sized amount (or a dime for any Americans reading this) and found this was plenty for my short hair.


The scent of each product is divine, not overwhelming at all. It’s pleasant and fresh and even men will find this appealing.

As I mentioned, all three products are light and will not weigh your hair down. Even the conditioner.


I found that my hair dried smoother and faster than it ever has in the past. For me, this is massive. I was able to cut down on blow-drying and heat exposure to my hair. I even didn’t have to use my straightening iron as much as I usually do to smooth down my hair!

I cannot wait to use these products on both my daughter’s hair. They have unruly hair but different types of hair. My husband has “volunteered” to use HairCovery to improve the health of his scalp and hair.

Yes, HairCovery is safe to use on hair of all ages. And is safe to use on pre-treated hair, eg, chemically straightened hair.

So, why is it a breakthrough?

Your hair health starts at the root, so scalp health is vital. All products include SenePlex+ and SenePeptide to encourage a healthy scalp and voluminous, strong locks of hair. Additional volumizing ingredients and moisturizing botanicals boost shine, manageability, and thickness.



Let’s talk about:

Capixyl. It’s one of the key volumizing ingredients in each of the products and it’s comprised of a combination of ingredients which includes Red Clover extract. Capixyl improves the growth cycle of your hair by stimulating the hair follicle regeneration process to activate hair growth, as well as limiting hair loss at the follicle. It also works on enhancing your hair’s density for thicker, healthier hair. In a clinical study of Capixyl, participants experienced over 79% boost in the number of hair per square centimeters, after 4 months.

SenePlex Complex+ is the kinetic enzyme we all know and love that helps increase cellular renewal. In hair care, this helps to increase follicular activity.
SenePeptides help stimulate hair growth.

We’ve also developed and patented an ingredient to help control the sebum produced on the scalp. Defenscalp. A win for oily, dry, and flaky scalps everywhere!

The shampoo and conditioner provide proven UV colour protection for dyed hair, with Chromaveil, which for me is a huge bonus, as now I’m more inclined to dye my hair a bolder colour than dark brown.

HairCovery is:

  • Gluten-free
  • Animal by-product-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Sulfate-free

To use the shampoo, ensure your hair is saturated from root to tip with water and then apply the shampoo, massaging from root to ends. Rinsing thoroughly. Repeat only if necessary.
Tip: If you have a build up of products and silicones from previous hair products, a second shampoo will be necessary.

To use the conditioner, massage into wet hair from root to ends, leaving in for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

To use the serum, apply a small amount directly to scalp on either wet or dry hair every 2-3 days. Do not rinse.

You can find the full list of ingredients and order here!

I can’t wait for y’all to use it, and of course, you have to take before and after pics and share them with me!


4 thoughts on ““This ain’t your momma’s shampoo”

  1. Tegan says:

    I too have started the Haircovery trial from 11th october.
    I’ve not got major hair issues. I have thick long hair, experience dryness and hair malting.

    Noticed I’ve got less hair loss, seem to be getting better hair coverage on sides of hair, growth of short front hairs, less dry and some volume too.

    Still configuring trying to get amounts correct and spread throughout the thick mane properly; found the rinse and repeat of shampoo helps.

    I am alternating brands though to help prolong the product and spread purchase rate as feeling am nearly though my first shampoo bottle (this alteration though may be less desired for usage and outcomes), washing with the treatment 2 to 3 times and once with remainder of my tresemme shampoo/ conditioner stash I’d accumulated.

    I’ve not seen much on if others alternate products? Or strictly only now on haircovery.

    How have you found it?

    Merry christmas and a happy new year


    • Christina says:

      Hi Tegan!
      My hair was the same as yours (before I chopped it all off)!
      The results you’re getting are as expected which is great!

      The best way to use the shampoo is to soak your hair first. I’m talking drenched. Then lather up a 50c piece size of the shampoo in your hands and massage into your scalp. The second shampoo, use a smaller amount, lather up and repeat the massage.
      As for the conditioner, massage a 20c piece size from your mid lengths to the ends of your hair. Leave in for 5 minutes, even up to 20 like a treatment.

      I would avoid using alternate products as the HairCovery has to start again to remove any silicones or other build up from those products.

      I love HairCovery and use it exclusively now. I’ve got thick, frizzy hair and it’s now tame and smooth which I’ve never been able to achieve till now! And I probably wash my hair once a week if I can get away with it. Oh, and the reduced hair loss is noticeable too!

      I hope that helps!

      Merry Christmas to you too, and all the best for the new year!


      • Tegan says:

        Thank you. That helps out majorly.

        I don’t think I can yet part with the long mane. I ponder about shorter. It seems so low maintenance with length (minus the wash part) when can brush and go, plait it, bun it or clip and go.

        I will ditch the other brands! Clean up in bathroom aisle.
        It does help there is not much product required.

        Thanks alot for the tips to try.

        Liked by 1 person

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